Why Choosing the Cheapest Solicitor is Never a Good Idea

Very recently I got a call from an internet search. Thursday at around 1.00 pm the gentleman told me that he ran a retail Cafe in the CBD and that he had been issued with a 30 day notice to Quit - expiring on Saturday!

Choosing a Solicitor

We met with Counsel urgently and briefed him to try to save the situation. We commenced proceedings in Supreme Court. I worked on this and virtually nothing else for 8 days in a row (including both weekend days - missed my daughter's soccer gala day!) The matter was settled including our client having to pay the other 2 solicitor's legal fees as well as our own. He was given a further period of occupation with the ability to sell his business and recover some of his loss.

It turned out that his previous solicitors had not advised him on exercising his 5 year option and it was not exercised! He had paid over $200K to buy the business and a further $75K in fit out costs. His total legals for the case were approx $50K (not all ours sadly).

Whilst inspecting his former solicitor's files it turned out that they only charged him $1K (plus GST) for their fees in acting for him in the purchase of his business and transfer of Lease. Lesson: you get what you pay for AND do not compete with the lowest fee solicitors. We are now suing his previous solicitors for negligence.

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