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Your Divorce and Finances During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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If you need legal advice surrounding your divorce, having empathetic expert advice can make all the difference. Sometimes the division of financial assets is one of the main issues to resolve during divorce proceedings. Even if you have both kept your finances separate during your marriage, a final financial (property) settlement needs to be reached on divorce.

Are financial negotiations possible during the pandemic?

Financial negotiations are possible during the pandemic, but there are likely to be some challenges along the way that will require careful consideration. The first step in establishing a fair and equitable property settlement is to put a value on the assets and other interests accumulated during the relationship. The pandemic will have impacted the values of many of these assets. Many peoples' incomes have been affected, which may impact on the ability to make various payments. These factors have complicated property settlements and financial orders.

Impact of the pandemic

The personal impact of the pandemic will be unique to each of us, as well as its effect on family law, parenting and financial circumstances requiring a personalised and pro-active approach. If you are concerned about how COVID-19 is likely to affect your family law settlement, please contact us at Szabo & Associates Solicitors. We understand that a relationship breakdown is unsettling and can be one of the most challenging times in your life. We can provide you with expert, professional and sensitive legal advice, helping you deal with divorce, financial matters, and any questions you may have as a parent.

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