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Two Legal Challenges to Actor's Will

Following the death of Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney last month, his Will appears to have become the subject of two separate legal challenges.

The actor was 93 when he died and, considering his long and successful career, he left behind a surprisingly modest estate worth around US$18,000.

Mr Rooney left nothing to his estranged wife or biological children in his Will, which was signed only weeks before his death, and instead left his entire estate to one of his stepsons, who had taken care of Mr Rooney during the last two years of his life.

His widow has lodged a legal challenge to the Will, claiming that it contains a "blatant misstatement" regarding an agreement she is said to have signed when the couple separated two years ago, reports CNN. The Will apparently suggests that under the terms of this agreement, she waived any rights to her husband's estate, but she is disputing this fact.

In addition, seven of Mr Rooney's eight surviving biological children have also now filed a legal suit contesting the Will, reports This suit claims that their father was under "undue influence" from his stepson and also from his estate's executor when he signed his Will. Both men are disputing this claim.

These cases are a good illustration of the difficulties that can arise when people who have inheritance expectations suddenly find that they have not been included in a Will. Professional legal advice is essential when writing a Will if you want to ensure that your estate goes to the beneficiaries you have selected.

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