Head of security

Archie is an almost 6 year old pure pug. Don’t be fooled by his ‘scared’ look. We have never lost a client’s security packet. (Our safe might have something to do with that!)

Archie has been accused of being rather dogmatic. But I would rather think of him as doggedly.

In his spare time, Archie spends much of the day sleeping in the sun. We know why people often say: ‘It’s a dog’s life!’ He mutt as well get some sleep while the rest of us are assisting clients.

When in the office, Archie is a bit of a square pug in a round hole. He has an Archielles heel: he loves his food more than his job as head of security. He loves to wear his hush puppies around the office.

Sorry that my dog puns are so corgi!


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